La seule et première solution de files d'attente mobiles au monde
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QLess remplace les files d'attente physiques et les salles d'attente avec des files virtuelles mobiles.

  • Vos clients peuvent se placer dans la file à partir de leur téléphone portable, des kiosques à écran tactile ou du web. Ou vos employés peuvent les ajouter à la file avec QLess Gestion des files d'attente.
  • Vos clients peuvent aller où ils veulent pendant qu’ils attendent.
  • QLess leur envoie un SMS ou des appels peu de temps avant leur tour.
Vous avez seulement besoin d'un navigateur web. C'est aussi simple que ça.
Élimine les files d'attenteRend aux clients le temps perduPas d'équipement à acheterFacile à utiliser400% de retour sur investissement garantis
American Business Awards 2010

Gagnant, Meilleurs résultats
Entreprise de l'année 2010

2009 Finaliste du Business Innovation of the Year, American Business Awards
Top 10 la plus prometteuse des entreprises New Tech , vator.tv

Pourquoi est-ce que nos clients adorent QLess

  • QLess is technology that leapfrogs what exists today....This will revolutionize how our customers view their driver license experience.
    - Paul B. Watkins, Deputy Assistant Director, Driver License, Texas Department of Public Safety
  • I think the system is brilliant, they should put it in other stores because it saves you a lot of time and allows you to use your time more efficiently.
    - Vodafone user
  • Educating people [about their wait] helps tremendously.
    - Patricia Rogers, Citizen Services Director, Nashua, NH
  • QLess has provided my business with one of the most innovative customer service technologies of the 21st century. It has improved our customer satisfaction by reducing the time that a patient waits in the office.
    - Dr. Dan Murphy, Owner, South Tampa Immediate Care
  • I love that I can just call you any time to get help, and not have to worry about automated menus or voice mail.
    - Danielle Wrabec, Manager, Independence License Office, Missouri DMV
  • QLess? It's quick, it's convenient. Quick and easy tool. Quick to navigate through. It's very easy for me. I don't have any complaints.
    - Chloe Crims-Merritts, Receptionist, Mesa Community College
  • The response and customer feedback about the system has been overwhelmingly positive. It has given our customers a sense of freedom from the motor vehicle process.
    - Amy Meeker-Berg, Chief Deputy Treasurer, Johnson County, Kansas
  • Everyone is very pleased with [our first day's] performance and already talking about how the Student Centre could be re-designed as we won''t need as much space for students to queue or wait.
    - Linda Jackson, Manager, Arts Student Centre, University of Melbourne
  • Any simpler and it would do it itself!
    - John Barker, IT Director, Motor Vehicle Registration, City of Nashua
  • It keeps [guests] up to date. We don't have to have hosts wasting time trying to find them. We don't have to have [hosts] trying to give them more information or when their table's going to be ready. The system will update them.
    - Michael Wilson, Manager, Border Grill
  • It's amazing! We've been using it fully...and students are raving about it.
    - Naydeen Gonzalez, Associate Dean of Academic Advisement, Burlington County College
  • I am very excited to use all the features of this system and am so relieved to see customers using it with ease.
    - Cyril Wrabec, VP, Independence License Office, Missouri DMV
  • So far I am ecstatic with the app and even more happy with the support I get.
    - Bill Dehaan, Director of IT, Mesa Community College
  • We have seen the efficiency it creates, & more satisfied customers. We liked it a lot because it gives us the option to see what customers are there & service them accordingly. Everybody was excited. Every store should have QLess.
    - Ali Faraz, VP, Wireless Link Sprint Stores
  • [QLess] saves permit applicants hours of wasted time, reduces stress for everyone, and allows us to better monitor our performance.... Eliminating the physical line was an easy fix with big payoffs for our customers.
    - Jocelyn Mathiasen, Director of the Department of Permitting and Land Use, City of Milford, CT
  • Our new store is an ultimate customer encounter and QLess is a key component of that experience.
    - Andy Arluck, VP of Customer Service, Tourneau
  • I like QLess. It's more modern. Yelling out names is so unprofessional.
    - Rafael, Host, All American Bar & Grill, Rio Las Vegas
  • The great thing is that the customer frustration we once experienced is no longer an issue because [our customers] have an out not to wait.
    - Julio Garcia, Director of Operations, Puerto Rico Action Board
  • [Our first day with QLess] went amazingly well...the staff and students absolutely loved it.
    - Linda Jackson, Manager, Arts Student Centre, University of Melbourne
  • Customers are definitely loving it...and have confirmed they would come to Datz more with this system because they hate the wait.
    - Suzanne Perry, Owner, Datz Tampa
  • QLess has been a great addition to our tool kit for customer retention. Not only do we see a higher retention rate of customers during the wait time, but we see a happier customer too.... It's a great program that has put us far and away beyond our competition.
    - Jared Sloan, Manager, Shoot Smart
  • In less than a couple of hours, we were able to provide complete training of the staff and administrators to run the Tourneau queue flawlessly and efficiently.
    - Andy Arluck, VP of Customer Service, Tourneau
  • We were in the middle of registration, and by the end of the week, my assistant turned and remarked, 'Do you know that we have not had a single complaint?'...it just turned everything around.
    - Amber Kelley, Dean Student Services, Austin Community College

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    "The QLess premise seems promising."
  • Techcrunch
    "The plus for establishments is they have less grumpy consumers standing around and are able to create a more efficient environment to deliver their services."
  • Government Technology
    "At Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV)s across the country, the days of waiting in line may be numbered."
  • Mashable
    "QLess is an idea that makes sense, and seems more lightweight (it's all Web-based) than the type of hardware and software-based solutions that you typically encounter at busy restaurants."
  • vator.tv
    "Imagine if you never had to stand in line again...if every time you showed up somewhere, it was your turn to go. That's the vision of Alex Backer, founder and CEO of QLess."
  • The Kansas City Star
    "People are astounded they're able to enter their phone number, leave and get a text relaying when they can return, Ross said. They can manage their time as opposed to being a prisoner of the DMV."
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    "Is this the future of mobile CRM?"
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    "QLess 'takes away that perception of the motor vehicle [office] and how bad it is'."
  • vator.tv
    "QLess can bring targeted advertising closer to a reality. Not only does QLess know its customers' phone numbers, it knows if the customer has down-time (since they're waiting in line), and what the customer is interested in."
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
    "[QLess] would give new meaning to patient-centered care and service."