Why use QLess?
Ecstatic Customers
Absolutely love, love, love, love the system!! I had a 90 minute wait with 108 people ahead of me. So I left to do shopping, contacted my insurance company and had the insurance e-mailed to me, dropped off the groceries, got updated wait times, came in with the insurance and was called to the window for service...Whoever came up with the system is a genius! Everyone should be calling in to praise the system and the staff that are responsible for selecting and implementing it!! Awesome experience.
— Erica, QLess user

Products Are Consumed, but Services Are Experienced.

QLess gives your customers a more satisfying experience, which can give you an enormous edge over your competition. QLess reduces your customers perceived wait time, even if their actual wait time doesn't change at all.

When customers are anxious, their waits feel longer. This anxiety can come from a fear of being forgotten, a fear of picking the wrong line, or a fear of line jumpers. Waits feel even longer when the remaining wait time is uncertain, or when the wait time is unexplained.

Waiting in ignorance creates a feeling of powerlessness, which frequently results in visible irritation and rudeness on the part of customers.
— David H. Maister, Harvard Business School

QLess completely eliminates this anxiety and uncertainty, and empowers your customers by providing on-demand status updates any time a customer calls or texts the system. These updates include forecast wait times, and the number of other customers ahead of them in line. QLess also walks customers through the initial process of getting in line, ensuring that they're waiting in the right line to begin with.

Waiting appears to influence satisfaction quite strongly. The adverse effects of waiting can be soothed more effectively by improving the attractiveness of the waiting environment than by shortening the objective waiting time.
— Ad Pruyn, Rotterdam School of Management

Let your customers pick whatever waiting environment they like, and watch their satisfaction go through the roof.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Check out some of the words of gratitude that our customers' customers have sent us via SMS:

  • "Thank you and i love the new system!!"
  • "AWESOME!!! greatest idea ever, it's up there with electricity and running water :-)"
  • "That's cool wish everybody would do this!"
  • "Love this! I can't imagine waiting in a long line ever again!"
  • "Best idea ever!!!! Love it why didn't someone do this earlier? Thank you for making my life easier! A mom of 3 very active kids!"
  • "Arrived at DMV at 10:45. Bruce is now at window 13. we have left. Picked up tile. Delivered tile. Had lunch. Installed 20percent of tile. Picked up Taylor at OE came back to DMV. Govenment run organization at its best!"
  • "Loved the virtual line! It made waiting 84 mins virtually painless! :-*"
  • "Super concept! Great for the local retailers."
  • "Pure awesomeness!"

Inspire your customers. Enhance their productivity. Minimize their worry. Increase their confidence. Reduce their effort. They'll love you for it.

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