QLess Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy any hardware?

All you need is a computer with a web browser. If you already have one, you're ready to go. We also offer a variety of integrated solutions, ranging from cell phones to hand-held PCs, to touch screen kiosks. We will work with you to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Do I have to install any software?

QLess is a hosted service that runs on our company's web servers. All you need is a computer with a web browser, and all your customers need is a cell phone.

Do I have to pay for long-distance calls?

Nope. QLess offers you either a local (to you) or a custom toll-free number (like 1-800-MY-BUSINESS) that your customers can call to interact with the system. You just pay a per-customer charge to QLess, and we handle the phone bills.

How do you forecast how long the wait time will be?

When a queue is first started, it is seeded with an "initial wait" duration, which can be configured to whatever is appropriate. As your customers move through the queue, QLess watches, learns, and forecasts future wait times using a variety of statistical analysis techniques. If your employees ever disagree with our calculated forecasts, they have the option of manually overriding them at any time, so you'll never be any less accurate than any human forecasting you may be doing today. To date, QLess is beating our customers' human experts' manual forecast overrides by 36%, so you may want to think twice before you hit that override button. :)

Will you resell my customers' phone numbers?

Absolutely not. Your customers will get phone calls or text messages from QLess while they are waiting for your service, and will be able to opt-in to receive targeted advertising from your business. They will not be spammed by QLess or any third parties. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

What if I am in an area with bad cell phone coverage?

QLess lets your guests use text messages (SMS) instead of, or in addition to, voice calls. SMS requires lower cell signal than voice calls do. If a guest does not have enough cell signal for SMS, QLess Monitor displays can be used throughout your property to show your guests where they stand in line, allowing them to roam freely as long as they have a view of a monitor.

How much does QLess cost?

There is a QLess solution to fit every budget, from one-time installations at a fair to tiny restaurants to enterprise-systems for Fortune 500 companies. In fact, QLess is available in an ad-sponsored edition, and even in a revenue-producing edition which charges your customers for priority QLess service and pays you every month!

What about customers without mobile phones?

Customers without phones can either receive printed QLess tickets or use their names instead of their phone number. In either case, customers without phones can be summoned by a Queue Monitor display and/or an audio summon, or simply called by a hostess or employee of yours when their turn arrives.

Do I need to use QLess for all my customers?

No. Although QLess customers often choose to serve all of their customers through QLess, this is not necessary. You can operate one or more QLess lines in parallel to non-QLess lines. Both lines can be served by the same personnel/entry point, alternating between one and the other (think a 4-way stop sign crossing), prioritizing QLess (think Disney's FastPass or a restaurant's reservation-holders priority over walk-ins), or by different personnel and entry points (think different cashiers at a supermarket).

Does QLess work with international phone numbers?


What phones does QLess work with?

QLess works with all phones.

Is QLess available in foreign languages?

Yes. QLess is available in the language of your choice.

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