The QLess Best Practices Guide

To claim a payment under our 400% ROI guarantee, you must:

  1. Have launched QLess within 61 days from the time your account is created.
  2. Have participated in daily calls with your QLess support team for the first week of operation, in order to make any necessary system configuration adjustments and answer any questions that you may have.
  3. Have participated in weekly calls with your QLess support team for weeks 2 through 8.
  4. Have used QLess every week for your first four months of QLess service for all your customers during periods where you run a wait, for a minimum of 100 queued customers per week.
  5. Have used QLess as instructed by all published QLess User Manuals and training from QLess team members.
  6. Have verbally asked customers to opt into a mobile marketing program if/when you use Queue Manager to add them to a queue.
  7. Have allowed QLess to let all your queued customers opt in to a mobile marketing program on your behalf if they were not entered or opted-out by your employee. Customers can opt out at any time.
  8. Have sent, or allowed QLess to send on your behalf, promotional coupons to opt-in customers per QLess Best Practices (never to exceed one SMS per week per opt-in customer).
  9. Have allowed a QLess team member to observe operations on-site, if requested.
  10. Show that the QLess ROI for your first four mont