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QLess Affiliate Program

Waiting in line sucks.

One of the unique aspects of QLess is that it has the potential to touch the daily lives of nearly everyone. Think of all of the places that you've stood in line in the past week. We won't rest until we never have to stand in line again. But we need your help to do it. If you know someone with a business who can benefit from QLess, or even if you're just tired of waiting in line at your favorite restaurant, we'd love for you to introduce us to them.

Join our QLess Affiliate Program, and you'll receive 10% of the gross first year's revenues for a qualified introduction to a decision-maker at a company we're not already in discussions with, which results in a sale within 9 months. Know someone who knows someone (...who knows someone...?) Our referral fee is recursive! Refer us to a friend who refers us to a new customer, and you'll receive 10% of all of his referral fees.

Just fill out the form below to get started! Please provide your referral's first name, last name, and either e-mail address or phone number, and the business name. Note that simply entering the name of a business that needs QLess is not very helpful, and will not qualify you for any referral fees. We're looking for names and contact information for qualified leads, that are decision makers within their organization, preferably someone that knows you.

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